Sir Fred Goodwin is a banker

The headline of this post breaks the law, because Sir Fred has taken out a super-injunction banning anyone from calling him a banker:

The existence of the injunction was revealed by John Hemming, a back-bench Liberal Democrat MP. His comments are protected by parliamentary privilege, which means he cannot face court proceedings for revealing the injunction’s existence.

Mr Hemming said: “In a secret hearing, Fred Goodwin has obtained a super-injunction, preventing him being identified, [even] as a banker. Will the Government have a debate or a statement on freedom of speech and whether there’s one rule for the rich like Fred Goodwin and one rule for the poor?”

Although the injunction prevents me from calling Sir Fred a banker, it doesn’t1 prevent me from calling him a worthless sack of shit who caused RBS to lose £25 billion, the worst loss in British corporate history.

If I’m elected as a Lothian regional MSP, I’ll do my best to strip Goodwin of his half-million a year pension, which should be returned to the taxpayer who had to pick up the pieces after RBS’s downfall. While we’re at it, Goodwin should also be stripped of his knighthood.

1. Presumably. I haven’t actually read the injunction, it being secret and all.

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